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Dubai London Clinic

Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital

Dubai London Clinic and Speciality Hospital combine Outpatient and Inpatient medical care including the aesthetic side. Dubai London Clinic has started with USEO as they were unhappy with the earlier agency. They wanted USEO to focus on two main services Gynecology and Pediatrics.

The Challenge

Increase traffic to their website both via Google Ads as well as SEO.

To reach the appointment page and increase the doctor appointments.

To get new clients to their clinic

The Strategy

Extensive keyword research was done for the SEO/Google Ads campaign to get the right keywords for their industry.

Created two search campaigns for Pediatrics and Gynecology & one display campaign targeting parents for Pediatric services. For Gynecology services targeting was only females with demographics between 23 to 55.
Banked on maximizing conversions as their bid strategy to increase doctor appointments.

The Results

That make client very happy and excited to get more success


The conversion rate increased to 26.32% on Gynecology and 27.01% on Pediatrics


The interaction rate to their website (Traffic via ads) increased to 22.96% on Pediatrics and 14.73% on Gynecology pages.

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That make client very happy and excited to get more success

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